Ben Max (top left) hosts a forum with (top to bottom) Julie Menin, Tricia Shimamura, Kim Moscritolo, Marco Tamayo, Chris Sosa, Billy Freeland, and Rebecca Lamorte

As a former candidate for City Council District 5, I’ve grown to know the intimate details of this neighborhood, learning each day how much there is to learn. This is part of the reason why Julie Menin’s candidacy raises so many questions for me.

Why have neither of the two Democratic clubs with active organizing and outreach in the neighborhood endorsed her?

East River Democratic Club and Four Freedoms Democratic Club are the area’s two Democratic clubs with active organizing and engagement with the district. They perform outreach to include residents across the spectrum of income, age, and identity. They…

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X in 1964

Today, I’m angry like Dr. King was angry.

I suspect you forgot that Dr. King was angry.

Perhaps you forgot because had a shadow, a parallel he was so often compared to who you may have turned into an opposite. Today, Malcolm carries the burden of Martin’s anger even though Martin was killed three years after Malcolm was killed.

I’m angry because, as far into the future as we can reasonably see, we are not even allowed the creative imagination of building a better world. We are bound to wrestle free the legacy of Dr. King from those who wish…

I want to love my DSA branch, but they don’t represent me.

I’m a working-class artist and tech worker whose multiracial parents met working on a factory floor, like out of a Bruce Springsteen song. The tenets of DSA resonate with my entire life history. I live Manhattan. I’m thankful that there’s a DSA branch that purports to include my neighborhood. I’m glad that they have an electoral working group. My biggest frustration with this branch is that they seem to have no interest in working in my neighborhood.

I’ve run a canvassing and voter registration table and have canvassed…

Months before it became headline news in March 2020, the CDC was looking to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19. Well before the pandemic escalates to the level of quarantine, schools, institutions, and employers are taking this chance to teach everyone about social distancing.

Universities are moving to online learning as quickly as possible. Tech companies like Google are implementing voluntary work-from-home policies. While not every employer or employee has the opportunity for remote work, those who do are encouraged to. …

WeWork’s model was simple. They looked at the changing tech marketplace and shifting workspaces then aimed to solve the problem. With startups looking for space and small businesses unable to get anything less than a 10-year lease during a moment of spontaneous growth, the solution made sense.

Working so prominently in the tech industry caused a bit of an identity crisis for WeWork. A company that was more of a real estate solution tried to paint itself as a tech product. However, the solutions they proposed were undeniably IRL, even as their clients were a lot more URL.

Looking at…

In October 2019, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff addressed a TechCrunch Disrupt conference audience declaring that we were seeing the end of capitalism as we know it. This comes after a record year of profits and stock prices for the company.

While this sounds like an indictment of a whole ideology, Benioff isn’t stepping down in favor of handing the keys to his employees. However, with climate reports, political upheaval, and widespread consumer alienation leading the news in just about every broadcast outlet, it’s hard to ignore the changing wants and needs of people.

In order to serve your customer base…

Image via Lucille and Mitt

While many people have looked at the bumbling Bluth family from Fox/Netflix’s Arrested Development as being reflective of the Trumps, others believe they provided the template. There are some obvious parallels, like the handsy patriarch George Bluth’s border wall to separate California from Mexico and the family’s antipathy toward anyone but the super-rich.

The line drawn between Republican buffoonery and the Bluths goes back to the Bush-era and even spawned a series of Mitt Romney quotes placed over images of Lucille Bluth.

What’s less obvious is how the show, especially 2013’s Netflix-rebooted season 4, can provide a measurement of well-intentioned…

Via NY1

I was disappointed by a recent article in the Upper East Side’s own Our Town titled, “Parsing Patel’s Political Posts.” While I wasn’t a strong Suraj Patel supporter prior to reading the article, it felt like a hit piece, hand-fed from the Carolyn Maloney campaign. Writer Douglas Feiden is a treasure to the Upper East Side with an ear to the ground, but this piece felt like it was ready to crucify Patel for being a roving millennial. Allow me to introduce you to our generation.

We’re itinerant because of job instability. Many of us stay on our parents’ health…

I sit at a windowed corner of my favorite diner watching a middle aged white man who looks guiltily as another man and his two small children pass. On the corner of 77th, he watches them pass and once he thinks no one in particular is watching, he reaches down for a nearly finished cigarette butt. As he snaps it off the street, it rolls between his pinchers and falls between his feet. …

This man has not been fired from the company he works for even though he murdered one of his customers. His excuse was that he was very scared.

What does it take for you to change? How much do you have to see? Did you ever think you’d see so much?

If you were born in the USA, if were raised you to believe that you are white, if you never enlisted in the military, did you ever think you’d be haunted by the horrors of war a few neighborhoods away? Did you hear people calling this a war? Do you know which side you’re on?

If you were born in what other people called a “black neighborhood” during a certain period of time, did you know you…


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